This is a review from Tom Conlon that is studying, BA Digital Film Making in SAE Institute, London. He emailed me this to show his appreciation of my site.  So in return i have started a review page and if any one else would like to review my work i would be more than happy to receive them. I also love to see other photographers work. Any links to your own sites is welcome.  If we both like each others work then we can exchange a link to each others site to benefit us all.  

Stuart Atkins is a photographer with endless capabilities and his view on wildlife and the natural beauty of the planet shows through his images. His photography captures the innate beauty of the world through Wildlife, Locations, Sunsets and People. You can tell when looking at his photos that they are often not planned rather a split decision to capture a moment. He want's to show through his photos the beauty of what his eyes are seeing, if you like 'he is his photos'. The website includes photos from Flamstead and Chicago which are his two home towns, backing up my last point that he is showing a part of 'him' through his photos as in his home areas he want's you to feel the same way he feels about Flamstead and Chicago, showing you the characters in Flamstead that through their image he is trying to tell the viewer a story about them, or Chicago the Panoramics that show the size and beauty of an amazing city. The website is easy to navigate through, a simple layout which is effective. The website shows you his images in different sub sections, whether it be Sunset's, People, Locations or Wildlife. Stuart tries to show you different aspects of his work through each of the categories, for example with the Sunset's Stuart shows you Sunset's from different perspective's from different areas of the world, showing the viewer that a sunset can be so different from other environments which change your perspective. My favourite of these is the image of the sunset out of an aeroplane window as you can tell it was not planned. Stuart saw the sunset out of the plane window and thought WOW, I want to share the beauty of this experience with everyone. The website includes Stuart's brother's work James Atkins. These photographs are prints of slides that James discovered in an alley way. Without knowing this at first look you would think how did James get this effect? you'd think it was edited, but this is one set of photos where the art 'Is what it is'. The shots of the prints were in an alley way for a number of years and over this time they have been sabotaged through a number of people and animals. First hand I know that these were displayed in a gallery opening and many art experts pondered, staring at the photos for hours wondering how James achieved the effect you see. Art and photography run through Stuart Atkins' family with an innate nature. It has not been taught to them, they are just innately born with a talent for art to inspire everyone regardless of their age or gender. Stuart's Sister Heather Atkins is also a great artist, and as we speak is doing the most intricate art work (Illustration) for a book that is up and coming within the next year. The website is 100% worth a check out people, hopefully it will give you the same inspiration Stuart has given me over the years.